Pastel portrait

Pastels are pure pigments will minimal binding which produces a soft impression and delicate appearance that bests captures children and skin textures.  This distinctive

appearance results from the physical characteristics of the medium and the way in which it reflects light.  Pastels were praised by renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Eugene Delcroix, Jean Francois Millet, Jean-Baptist-Simieion Chardin, and Auguste Renoir because of the lifelike quality, or "bloom" pastels conferred upon its subjects. 

Caring for pastel paintings

As with all works of art, pastel paintings require a few simple steps for their preservation and enjoyment.  Frame the painting under but spaced away from the glass.  Hang away from direct or brightly sunlit areas. Provide an environment with low humidity and consistent temperature control.  Pastels have no liquid binder that may cause other media to darken, fade, yellow, crack or blister with time.  When pastel artwork is handled and framed correctly, the color is permanent and will last as long, if not longer, than oil on canvas paintings.  Pastels from the 16th century exist today as fresh as the day they were painted.

Available sizes:
9" x 12"

12" x 16"
19" x 25"

In addition to the standard price, the following may apply:
1.  add $15.00 per additional person/pet in picture
2.  add $25.00 for a detailed background

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